Dumping Summer Blend Gas By 2015 May Be UnrealisticBefore you pull into your neighborhood gas station anxious to see a dramatic drop in prices because the state is dumping summer blend RVP gasoline, there is something you should know.
Isaac Creates Perfect Storm For Higher Gas Pricesropical Storm Isaac is miles and miles from Pittsburgh, but it could still affect your wallet. Don Bowers, from Superior Petroleum, says wholesale prices have already jumped as refineries along the Gulf Coast shut down.
Gas Prices Fall In Time For Memorial Day Weekend Gas prices have been going down in recent weeks. It’s all good news for Memorial Day weekend drivers. “I don’t think you’re going to see any increases,” Don Bowers, of Superior Petroleum, said. “I think if anything, you’re going to see some decreases around the area.”
Drivers Cut Back, Gas Prices FallThose who sell gasoline in the Pittsburgh area say they can't put numbers on it yet, but they do know we are using less gas.
Local Gas Prices Continue To ClimbLocal gas prices are on their way back up. The local average is $3.89. The local wholesale price of gas took a considerable jump earlier this week.
Gas Prices Could Spike Because Of IreneWhile Hurricane Irene batters the east coast, don't let the nice weather here fool you. Higher gasoline prices in this area could be the result.
Gas Stations Running Out Of Gas, Prices RisingKDKA AM's Larry and John talk to suppliers and listeners about gas stations running out of gas and raising prices.
Gas Prices Expected To Go Down Gas prices have jumped 33 cents in the past month, but oil prices are going down. That means relief for drivers is coming – just not immediately.
Pittsburgh Area Gas Stations Could Face ShortageGas prices continue to climb upward, but there’s an even bigger issue growing in Pittsburgh – a potential gas shortage.
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