Doug Shields

Earth Day Events

Experts Push For Sustainable Energy

Local climate change experts are coming together next month to persuade Pittsburghers to begin using sustainable energy instead of non-renewable energy resources that pollute and raise the temperature of the Earth.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–10/20/2013

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Gasland Film Premiere In Pittsburgh

A new movie focusing on the dangers of natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania will air on HBO July 8, but Pittsburghers can catch a free showing at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial in Oakland on June 20.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–06/16/2013

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Drilling At Airport Moves Forward

In addition to the flights coming and going on the runways of Pittsburgh International Airport, Allegheny County is looking at the economic potential of leasing tens of thousands of empty acres for shale gas drilling.


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Friday’s KDKA Afternoon News: January 4, 2012

Here are some of the highlight’s of the Friday edition of the KDKA Afternoon News, in case you missed anything.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–01/04/2013

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Will Fracking Hurt Pittsburgh?

Chris Moore talks with former City Councilman Doug Shields about the fracking industry.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–06/24/2012

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City Council Wants Details On Storm Water Management

Pittsburgh City Council calls for post agenda session with the administration on storm water management in light of the Washington Boulevard tragedy.


Pittsburgh Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl

Mayor’s Approval Dips Below 20 Percent

A poll released Wednesday by Pittsburgh-based marketing research firm found that approval for Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s job performance has fallen to 19 percent.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–08/24/2011

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Investigations Into Washington Blvd. Flooding Begin

KDKA AM’s Larry and John talk to Councilman Doug Shields and Public Safety Director Michael Huss about the fatal flooding on Friday.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–08/22/2011

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Cost Of Parking In Pittsburgh Could Go Up Again

Could the cost of parking at a Pittsburgh parking meter go up even higher? If the Parking Authority has its way, the answer is yes. If City Council has its way, the answer is no.


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City Council Delays Action On Civic Arena Vote

After emotional debate at city council over the fate of the Civic Arena, Councilman Doug Shields proposed a delay hoping to bring former Governor Ed Rendell to the table to explore the land deal regarding the arena.


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Expert Calls For Civility In Marcellus Shale Debate

In the debate over Marcellus Shale, contentious confrontations have become the norm. Government hearings brim over with finger-pointing and anger.


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Mayor Asks Council Member To Drop Pet Projects For Paving

Streets like Beechwood Boulevard are in terrible condition and the mayor and council are pointing fingers. Today, the mayor took aim at the pet projects of some council members.


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Drivers Caught In Middle Of Political Wrangling Over Paving

At a time when potholes in the city have reached a crisis stage – and spring has come – there should be paving crews resurfacing city streets. While the city is patching where it can, there’s still not a steamroller in sight.


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Mayor, Council Fight Over Street Paving Funds

On Beechwood Boulevard and throughout the city, streets are beginning to look like a lunar landscape.


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Councilman Unveils Proposal To End Sex Trade In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh City Councilman Doug Shields plans to unveil legislation that could curb illicit sexual practices in Pittsburgh.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–04/18/2011