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Several Viruses, Not Just Flu, Making People Sick

The flu season may be peaking about now, but that’s not the only bug making the rounds this winter. In fact, there are several viruses making people sick.


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Doctors Change Treatment Recommendations For Lyme Disease

Doctors are saying don’t wait – treat – because sometimes it can take a while to get diagnosed with Lyme disease. Turns out, Lyme infection is becoming more common in our area, with cases surging in the past five years.


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Cases Of Lyme Disease In Pennsylvania Growing

The season for bare arms and bare legs is upon us; and apparently, so is Lyme disease with Pennsylvania in the bull’s eye.


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Strep Throat Season In Full Swing

Emergency departments, doctors offices and medical labs are full of patients and specimens all generated because of sore throats. Some of it is because of strep throat, which is expected this time of year.