Dr. James Deangelo

New Allergy Treatment Could Save Time & Cut Number Of InjectionsAre you tired of all the sneezing and watery eyes? Now, there's a new, less time-consuming way to treat allergies.
Study: Antibiotic Used To Treat Fruit Can Cause Allergic Reaction In Humans
Lone Star Tick Can Cause Beef Allergy It was just a small tick on her foot - just part of working in the woods, September Norman thought. However, that tick bite left her completely unable to eat red meat.
Polar Vortex Could Cause More Intense Allergy SeasonThe polar vortex made it a bad winter... will it also make it a bad spring?
Study: Climate Could Play Role In Children’s Risk For Hay FeverSpencer Levin, 9, sees his allergist once a month to get shots to help his hay fever.
More Mold In The Air Is Bad News For Allergy SufferersIt's not spring pollen season. It's not fall ragweed season. If you're sneezing and stuffy right now, it could be mold allergies.
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