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FDA Approves First Medication Made With 3D Printing

Medicine puts 3D printing to work, making joint replacements, tissue and cartilage, skull, skin, and organs.

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Study Looks At Link Between Growth Hormones and Osteoporosis

For women with thinning bones, it’s a different option.


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Ragweed Pollen Count High, Making Some Allergy Sufferers Miserable

This season’s high weed pollen count is making some allergy sufferers miserable.


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Parkinson’s Patients Regain Some Mobility With New Therapy

Parkinson’s disease robs people of their mobility. Now, a new therapy offered at a local hospital is helping them get some of that mobility back.


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Consumer Reports Tests Benefits Of Added Protein Foods

You see protein touted on all kinds of products these days. It’s being added to everything from tortilla chips to English muffins to breakfast cereal.


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Study Comparing Breast Cancer Drugs Could Change Way Doctors Treat Patients

For breast cancer survivors, there’s always a fear that the cancer will return. Many of them take medicine, sometimes for years, that helps prevent recurrence; but that medicine also carries risks for other problems.


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Consumer Reports: Do Any Beverages Quench Thirst Better Than Water?

Quenching your thirst has become complicated. Many drinks claim health benefits, such as replenishing electrolytes and boosting your vitamin intake. Consumer Reports looked at 20 beverages to help you decide which ones to sip and which to skip.


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New Study Finds Elementary Students May Be Doing Too Much Homework

Do children do too much homework in elementary school?


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Silent Signs Of Hidden Health Problems

You may not think it’s anything, but sometimes seemingly innocent issues can point to hidden health problems.


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Doctor: Poison Ivy Rash Re-Appearing Doesn’t Mean It’s Spreading

Poison ivy is a pain and there’s nothing worse than when you think it’s just about cleared up and it re-appears.


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Researchers Studying Best Ways To Discipline Young Children

How do you discipline your children, and does it work?


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Some Hospitals Turning To Robots For Enhanced Knee Replacement Surgery

What if knee surgery was more precise, customized from patient to patient, and had a speedy recovery? Some doctors are now using robots designed specifically for knee replacements.


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New Shot Could Drastically Reduce Number Of Annual Psoriasis Treatments

The problem with most skin treatments is they just don’t last. Now, a new breakthrough could change that, but it’ll cost you.


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Energy Drinks May Lead To Heart Problems

Young people are facing a life-threatening problem – all because of a drink that’s completely legal.


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Researchers Make New Developments In Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that affects millions of Americans, and while there is no cure, new research is happening every day.