Dr. Maria Simbra

3D Mammograms Now Covered By Insurance In PennsylvaniaWhen it comes to screening for breast cancer, some women need more than just a mammogram to get a thorough look. They get a 3D picture called tomosynthesis.
New Procedure Could Make Open Heart Surgery A Thing Of The PastIs open heart surgery about to become a thing of the past? There's a new procedure that could change the game for doctors and patients.
Doctors Seeing Good Results With Shorter Breast Cancer Radiation TreatmentDoctors in Europe and Canada have been using much shorter radiation courses for breast cancer patients with results just as good as longer courses with less breast shrinkage and skin changes.
Researchers Compare Soaps With And Without TriclosanFor more germ killing power, some soaps tout the active ingredient triclosan. But is it really all it's cracked up to be?
High Hopes For Flu Vaccine This SeasonFlu vaccines are only as good as their match and this year, the match is good.
Consumer Reports Warns About Tick Dangers In AutumnYou may think your risk of getting Lyme disease ends when the weather starts to cool, but by fall, adult ticks have had more time to become infected with disease-causing bacteria.
FDA Approves Injectable Medicines To Lower Bad CholesterolDwaine Harris has had two stents after bouts of chest pain.
FDA Approves First Medication Made With 3D PrintingMedicine puts 3D printing to work, making joint replacements, tissue and cartilage, skull, skin, and organs.
Study Looks At Link Between Growth Hormones and OsteoporosisFor women with thinning bones, it's a different option.
Ragweed Pollen Count High, Making Some Allergy Sufferers MiserableThis season's high weed pollen count is making some allergy sufferers miserable.
Parkinson's Patients Regain Some Mobility With New TherapyParkinson's disease robs people of their mobility. Now, a new therapy offered at a local hospital is helping them get some of that mobility back.
Consumer Reports Tests Benefits Of Added Protein FoodsYou see protein touted on all kinds of products these days. It’s being added to everything from tortilla chips to English muffins to breakfast cereal.