Heart Failure

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Medical Frontiers: Heart Failure

Dr. Gerald Pifer spoke with two Allegheny General Hospital doctors on heart failure for this week’s Medical Frontiers.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–02/04/2013

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AGH Uses Robotics In Bypass Surgery

Robotic surgery has been used to remove kidneys, do hysterectomies and prostate surgery. Doctors at Allegheny General Hospital have added another organ – the heart.


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63-Year-Old First Pittsburgh Recipient Of New Artificial Heart

A 63-year-old man recently became the first Pittsburgh recipient of the new generation of artificial hearts.


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Study: Risk Of Heart Attack Increases For Grieving Family Members

A study in the journal Circulation shows the risk of heart attack increases in the days and weeks after the death of a close loved one – especially for people who have had a heart attack before.