Hempfield High School

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State Police Investigate Sexting At Hempfield High School

Investigators are looking into an alleged sexting scandal at Hempfield High School.


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Man Accused Of Using Video Of 18-Year-Old In Skype Extortion Attempt

State police in Westmoreland County are looking into an apparent extortion attempt by a man using Skype. It was an online interaction that went terribly wrong for a local high school student.


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Hempfield Freshmen Caught With Alcohol In School

Students at Hempfield High School are facing disciplinary action for selling and drinking alcohol in classroom.


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Pryor Works Out For 17 NFL Teams

Former Jeannette High School and Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor worked out for 17 NFL teams on Saturday just ahead of Monday’s NFL supplemental draft.


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Hempfield High School Graduation Moves Indoors

The graduation at Hempfield High School is being moved indoors because of damage from the tornado that has yet to be repaired.


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Show Will Go On For Hempfield Drama Club

It’s been two weeks since a tornado tore the roof off Hempfield High School’s auditorium, but the show must go on.


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Officials: About 90 Homes Affected By Tornado

Powerful winds obliterated homes in Westmoreland County.


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Winds Rip Roof At Hempfield High School

Part of the roof at Hempfield High School was reportedly torn off. Firefighters are on the roof trying to scope out the extent of the damage and if there’s danger of collapse.


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Emergency Officials Assess Damage In Hempfield Township

Emergency management officials in Westmoreland County are assessing the damage caused by two severe storms on Wednesday evening.