James Kuzak

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Jury Hears Taped Statement From Clairton Home Invasion Victim

It was another day of grilling on the stand for a victim of a home invasion where a Clairton Police Officer was shot and left paralyzed. At issue are inconsistencies in her story.


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Judge Denies Mistrial For Clairton Officer Shooting Suspects

Defense attorneys for two men accused in the shooting of a Clairton Police officer in 2011 had their requests for a mistrial denied Wednesday. Emilio Rivera and Marcus Andrejco are charged with shooting Clairton Police Officer Jim Kuzak during a home invasion in April of 2011.


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Testimony Begins In Trial Of Clairton Officer Shooting Suspects

Testimony began in the trial for two men accused of shooting a police officer, which left him partially paralyzed. Emilio Rivera and Marcus Andrejco are charged with shooting Clairton Police Officer Jim Kuzak during a home invasion in April of 2011.


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72 Police Officers Killed Nationwide In 2011

Even though he endures painful days of physical therapy in hopes of being free of his wheelchair, wounded Clairton Police Officer James Kuzak considers himself lucky.


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Clairton Suspect Says Confession Was Coerced

There are new developments today from the hearing for two men accused in connection with a shooting that left a Clairton police officer wounded.


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Confession, Wiretap Argued In Clairton Home Invasion Case

Two men charged in a home invasion that injured a part-time Clairton police officer were in court. Their attorneys want a key piece of evidence thrown out.


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Shooting Leaves Local Police Searching For Answers

Once again, tragedy hits western Pennsylvania law enforcement. The death of Officer John Dryer is the ninth fatal shooting of an officer since State Police Corporal Joseph Pokorny in 2005.


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Attorney Raises Concerns In Clairton Police Shooting

A defense attorney raised questions Tuesday about whether an alleged victim could identify suspects in the shooting that paralyzed Clairton Police Officer James Kuzak.


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Man Charged In Clairton Police Shooting To Stand Trial

A man charged in the shooting of a Clairton police officer has been held for trial on all counts. Emilio Rivera was arrested last month for his alleged role in the April home invasion that led to the shooting of Officer James Kuzak.


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Law Enforcement Officers Honored In Canonsburg

Local law enforcement officers were given awards Thursday in Canonsburg at a gathering sponsored by the Pittsburgh chapter of ASIS International.


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Arrest In Clairton Shooting Comes As Relief For Officer

A Clairton police officer wounded while on duty last spring opened up about his experiences today on the heels of an arrest in the case. Officer James Kuzak continues to recover from his injuries, but says he made the decision that he was not going to die.


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Police, ATF Agents Make Arrest In Shooting Of Clairton Police Officer

Police and ATF agents have made an arrest in the case involving the shooting of a Clairton police officer. The suspect’s name is Emilio Rivera.


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Blue Line Pays Homage To Fallen Officer

A dramatic procession left Mount Saint Peter’s Church after the funeral for Lower Burrell Police Officer Derek Kotecki. “I think it just represents the brotherhood of the profession,” Greensburg Police Detective Jerry Vernail said.


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Amen Corner Awards Honor Brave Police Officers

This year’s Amen Corner awards ceremony for police bravery was marked with a sense of solemnity as the tragedy in Lower Burrell brought home once again the dangers of police work.


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Relief May Come To Underpaid Police Officers

As a part-time police officer in Rankin, C.L. Gunter makes a little more than $9 an hour — pretty much the standard wage in the cash-strapped towns of the Mon Valley.