Jennifer Antkowiak

Does It Really Do That: Help With Gibi Pet GPS System's Technical IssuesEarlier this month, we told you about a GPS for your pets called Gibi.
Does It Really Do That? Star Shower Laser LightLove to decorate for the holidays, but dread the tangled mess of your outdoor lights? Star Shower Laser Light claims to shower your homes with thousands of laser lights in seconds. Does it really do that?
Does It Really Do That? Gorilla Garden HandsGorilla Garden Hands sounds pretty funny, doesn't it? But, if strange looking garden tools really do the job for you, you might not care what they're called or what they look like.
Does It Really Do That? GIBI Pet GPS SystemIt was exciting when KDKA-TV anchor and "Does It really Do That?" reporter Jennifer Antkowiak found a product called GIBI that uses GPS on a phone to track pets, so they can easily find them if they're lost.
Does It Really Do That? Paint ZoomThinking of getting some painting done around the house, but hate the idea of investing the time?
Does It Really Do That? Play And Freeze Ice Cream BallA new product called the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball claims you don't have to pause the fun to make delicious homemade ice cream. Does it really do that?
Does It Really Do That? Scratch AideAfter we tested Dutch Glow Almond Wood Milk, our tester, and a lot of our viewers told us they wished there was something we could test to see if it takes care of scratches in wood.
Does It Really Do That: Miracle Grill MatIf you love grilling, but hate the mess it can leave behind, you will be interested in checking out the Miracle Grill Mat.
Does It Really Do That? StainzAwayDo you have a stain or two around the house that you just can't get out? The StainzAway mitt says it can help with only a mitt and water.
Does It Really Do That? Eggstractor & RollieThere are a couple of new products that claim to make your egg cooking and eating, easier, but do they really work?
Does It Really Do That? Magic FinderIf you're always losing your keys, you'll want to hear about a new product that claims to be able to help you take that stress out of your life.
Does It Really Do That? Copper FitAre you one of the millions of people who suffer from pain? Whether it's your knee, elbow, ankle, wrist, or back, lots of people are looking for relief.
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