NFL & Players Agree Not To Cap Money In Concussion SuitThe National Football League has agreed to pay cash awards to any player who suffers from dementia and other diseases linked to head hits.
Judge Makes Custody Ruling In Fatal Cyanide Poisoning CaseA judge has issued a ruling in a custody hearing for the daughter of a man accused of using cyanide to fatally poison his wife.
Assets Frozen, Gag Order Issued In Ferrante Case The battle lines are now drawn over more than the innocence or guilt of Dr. Robert Ferrante.
Ex-Pa. Trooper Claims He Was Fired Over Ebonics A black man fired at the end of his 18-month probationary period as a Pennsylvania state trooper says he was wrongly let go for false claims that he didn't properly write reports, and sometimes used "Ebonics" in doing so.

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