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Swissvale Apartment Condemned, Residents Given 30 Days To Move Out

Tenants in a local apartment have been given a month to move out after the building was declared unfit to live in. The water is about to be shut off and residents don’t know where they’ll go. Some have lived there more than 20 years.


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Could Amalgam Fillings Be Dangerous To Your Health?

Silver-colored plugs, which fill the void of cavities contain low levels of mercury. It’s not enough to harm, but they are classified by the FDA as moderate risk, instead of low risk.


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Consumer Reports Tests Mercury Levels In Tuna

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Canned tuna is America’s favorite fish, but regrettably, it’s also been the most common source of mercury in our diets. Consumer Reports’ latest tests show that there’s still cause for concern. Jodi […]