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Local Researcher Studying Ways To Extend The Lives Of Pets

Is there a way to help your dog or cat live longer? And not just longer, but also with a better quality of life?


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Sleep And Dementia: A Study In Mice

How’s your thinking after a bad night’s sleep?


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Popcorn Warehouse Shut Down By Health Department

The health department has shut down a local popcorn shop.


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Repellent Can Keep Mice Away From Your House

A mouse doesn’t need a big hole to get into your house. “What you have to realize on a mouse — they get through holes the size of a pencil,” Andy Amrhein with Evey True Value Hardware said. But there are many ways to deal with the problem.


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Local Exterminator Says Watch Out For Rodents

KDKA AM’s Larry and John talk to Shawn Linnan of Affordable Extermination Services of Pittsburgh about what pests might be bugging you.

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Researchers Stumble Upon Stress-Related Baldness Cure

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For mice who lost their hair because of stress, it was a lucky coincidence. UCLA researchers were studying a drug designed to counteract the effects of stress on the digestive system. It […]