Move In

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Duquesne University Welcomes Latest Round Of Incoming Students

It was a mixture of nervous anticipation and excitement on the campus of Duquesne University today as the move-in process hit full swing.


Cathedral of Learning

Pitt Students Moving In, Traffic Delays Expected

The annual rite of passage is underway for many incoming college freshmen.


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CMU Students Ready To Call Oakland Home

It’s that time of year again.


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Traffic Backs Up As Pitt Students Move In

There were lots of traffic delays around Oakland Tuesday as thousands of freshmen set up shop at the University of Pittsburgh.


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Heavy Traffic In Oakland Expected As College Students Move In

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost back to school time for college students. CMU and Pitt students are set to move-in beginning Sunday that will mean some traffic troubles in Oakland.


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Students Begin Moving In At Pitt

Thousands of Pitt students will be moving in throughout the day on Tuesday.