North Shore Connector

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Commuters Get First Taste Of North Shore Connector

The new North Shore Connector is officially up and running. The new T service between Downtown and the North Shore is getting its first real test today.


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Not All Are Happy About North Shore Connector

KDKA-AM’s Larry and John talk to the Allegheny Institute’s Jake Haulk about why he’s not happy with the North Shore Connector.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–03/26/2012

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Public Reaction Positive As North Shore Connector Opens

After years of planning and millions of dollars, the North Shore connector project finally opened to the public in Downtown Pittsburgh and on the North Shore Sunday.


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Dignitaries Take Ride On North Shore Connector

While the “T” officially opens to the public on Sunday, a select got a ceremonial first ride today, including Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and the head of the Port Authority Steve Bland.


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North Shore Connector Expected To Save Commuters Money

There has been a lot of talk about the opening of the North Shore Connector on March 25, but what has remained in the shadows is the impact it’s going to have on parking in the Golden Triangle.


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North Shore Connector To Open On March 25

In just two weeks, Pittsburgh commuters will have a new option for getting around town. Service is expected to start on March 25, but today, Sarah Arbogast was taken underground for a sneak peek.


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North Shore Connector Project Almost Finished

The mural has been restored to the wall of the new Gateway ‘T’ station, the station is virtually finished, the test runs have found very few problems and the much maligned North Shore Connector project is about to come to an end.


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Steelers, Casino Footing Bill For Free North Shore Connector Rides

It has been a long time coming, but the North Shore Connector project is drawing to a close; and for those hoping for a free ride, you will be able to get one.


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North Side T Stop To Offer Free Rides

Parking on the North Shore and hopping the T to downtown will be facilitated by the cost of using the service — free.


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Organization Seeks Sponsorship For Free ‘T’ Rides

Imagine catching the “T” from Station Square and riding all the way to the North Shore Connector without paying a dime. It could happen if the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership convinces local corporations to pick up the tab.


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North Shore Connector Project Nearing Completion

The Port Authority’s North Shore Connector project is only seven months from completion. Along much of the underground project it would appear you could “roll ‘em” today.


This is an image from 2009 when the tunnel dig reached the halfway point. (Photo Credit: KDKA)

Is The North Shore Connector The Biggest Waste Of U.S. Tax Dollars?

KDKA AM’s Larry Richert and Mike Pintek talk to an expert on why the North Shore Connector is a big waste of money.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–04/21/2011


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