Sandy Hook School

Opinion: Guns

Following the events in Connecticut last Friday, there is a fundamental question that keeps crossing my mind: Why did this have to happen? How many more schools need to be shot up before we act? How many children need to die over a Constitutional Amendment that addressed the right for Americans to possess muskets?


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Local Congressmen On Gun Control In Wake Of Connecticut Shootings

In the wake of the latest mass killing of school children, many Americans feel exactly as the President when he spoke Sunday night at a memorial service in Connecticut.


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W. Va. Senator Joe Manchin: Time To Rethink Gun Legislation

Sen. Joe Manchin, an avid hunter and lifelong member of the National Rifle Association, says it’s time for all sides in the gun policy debate to move beyond the political rhetoric and begin an honest discussion about reasonable restrictions on guns.


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‘Castle Doctrine’ Bill Moves Forward

The PA Senate approved the latest “castle doctrine” bill today by a lopsided 45-5 vote.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–06/20/2011

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Charges Dropped Against Elk Antler Theft Suspects

Charges have been dropped against two men accused of stealing antlers from the David L. Lawrence Convention Center during the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh.


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Politicians Make Rounds At NRA Convention

The National Rifle Association meetings are drawing thousands of people to downtown Pittsburgh, including politicians.


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NRA Convention Comes To Pittsburgh

The National Rifle Association’s 140th annual meeting opens today in downtown Pittsburgh at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.


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NRA Convention Hits Pittsburgh

KDKA AM’s John Shumway talks to an NRA spokesperson about the upcoming convention.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–04/28/2011

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Online Photo Draws Ire Of Gun Supporters

A photo of a cook at Primanti’s has led to online message board postings urging NRA Convention attendees to avoid eating at the restaurant.