Study Looks At Link Between Growth Hormones and OsteoporosisFor women with thinning bones, it's a different option.
Osteoporosis Affecting Patients Earlier In LifeYou don't necessarily have to be old and frail to get osteoporosis. It is possible to have it when you're younger - even in your 40s and 50s.
Study Looks At Screen Time, Teen Bone DensityComputers, tablets, video games, TV --- these entertaining devices can be hard on how much kids weigh, how well they see, and now a study hints at possibly how well their bones hold up.
Some Diseases Starting To Strike Younger PatientsWhen you hear things like stroke, Alzheimer's and gout, you usually think of those as affecting older people. However, there's a list of diseases out there that are hitting people younger and younger.
Do Calcium Supplements Affect Women's Hearts? Many women take calcium for their bones, but what does this mean for their hearts?
Osteoporosis Study
Osteoporosis Drug Shows Great Promise

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