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City Council Considers Parking Meter Changes

City Council is considering some changes to its parking meter rules as they field more complaints from drivers.


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Mayor Ravenstahl Talks Parking Meter Situation

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl joined KDKA Radio’s Marty Griffin on Friday to discuss the current situation involving the parking meters in the city of Pittsburgh.

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Mayor Plans To Reverse Controversial Parking Plan

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says he plans on rescinding a controversial plan that expanded parking meter hours at night.


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Parking Meter Changes Could Take Some Concert-Goers Off Guard

Plenty of people have made their way into Pittsburgh tonight with two big concerts on the schedule. However, the people with tickets to the shows may be caught off guard by a change in the city’s parking rules.


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Many Parking Spots Vacant After Meter Rates Increase

Since the city raised parking meter rates and increased enforcement, it seems that some drivers have been scared off. Dozens of parking spaces were unoccupied late Tuesday afternoon in downtown Pittsburgh now that rates have increased to $3 an hour.



City Officials Play Blame Game Over Parking Meters

It’s a lot more expensive to park in the city of Pittsburgh, but it’s also a lot more inconvenient unless you carry around a roll of quarters. Is the public paying the price for a war between the mayor and council?


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Parking Authority To Get Smart Parking Meters

Officials say it will take a week to 10 days to adjust all the meters in the city to the higher rates.


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Parking Authority To Raise Meter Rates In Popular Neighborhoods

Beginning on Wednesday, the cost of parking at a meter in the City of Pittsburgh is about to go up.


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Parking Gadgets To Go High-Tech

You might not think parking is a hot button topic across the country, but for the last few days, thousands of so-called parking professionals packed the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for the International Parking Institute’s annual meeting.


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City Councilman Critical Of Mayor’s Parking Plan

A Pittsburgh City Councilman is coming out strong against a plan to privatize parking in the City of Pittsburgh. City Council Finance Chair Bill Peduto warns that skyrocketing parking rates under the mayor’s plan will, […]