(Image Source: Bethel Park Bakery)

Thief Returns Stolen Petunias To Bethel Bakery

Earlier this week, a woman was caught on camera stealing flowers from outside of the Bethel Bakery.


(Image Source: Bethel Park Bakery)

Petunia Thief Strikes At Bethel Park Bakery

A woman with an apparent penchant for petunias is perplexing a lot of people in Bethel Park. “At this point we’re kind [of] tending to laugh about it but it is quite peculiar that it keeps happening in Bethel Park,” says Julie Lytle of Bethel Park Bakery.


(Credit: KDKA)

Local Petunia Bandit Caught On Tape

Someone is stealing petunias in Bethel Park and one local business caught the bandit on tape.