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Primanti Bros. Sends Sandwiches To “Pothole Blitz” Workers

The Primanti Bros. sandwich is a Pittsburgh tradition — enjoyed for decades and at all hours of the day.


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Mayor Using “Pothole Blitz” As Measuring Stick For Public Works’ Response Rates

It’s hard to miss them, scarring so many local roads. But since the city’s “pothole blitz” started, crews have been hard at work, attempting to fill hundreds of potholes by the end of the week.


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Mayor Peduto Orders 72-Hour “Pothole Blitz”

They’re big, deep and nasty — and they’re all over the place.


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City Of Pittsburgh Doubles Paving Budget

After years of neglect, Rosecrest and streets throughout the city have become decayed and potholed, but now that the city is doubling its paving budget to $11 million , this stretch and 60 miles of other streets will get resurfaced this year.


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Mild Winter Means More Money For Potholes

The warmer weather means potentially more money to fix potholes. The people who live on Taft Avenue and Estella Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Beltzhoover neighborhood would welcome it.



Finding The City’s Worst Potholes

Streets across the city are in terrible condition and the funds to pave them are limited. Which ones should take priority?


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Drivers Caught In Middle Of Political Wrangling Over Paving

At a time when potholes in the city have reached a crisis stage – and spring has come – there should be paving crews resurfacing city streets. While the city is patching where it can, there’s still not a steamroller in sight.


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Mayor, Council Fight Over Street Paving Funds

On Beechwood Boulevard and throughout the city, streets are beginning to look like a lunar landscape.


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Pothole Patching Season Begins

If your car is damaged by a pothole, you should immediately file a claim with your insurance and with the state, county or city, depending on who owns the road.


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Pothole Reporting Goes High-Tech

Potholes are on roads across the area, but they haven’t just popped up. They’re already there and are getting worse. However, technology could be the next step in getting them repaired.


Report Potholes Online & By Phone

It’s the time of year where drivers need to deal with potholes on the roadways. However, there’s a new idea taking off that may make the roads easier to maneuver.


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City Crews Begin Patching Potholes

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With all the nuisance snowfalls and cold weather lately, potholes are popping up all over the area. Road crews in the city of Pittsburgh were out patching them Thursday. Fifteen crews were […]


Reporting Potholes To PennDOT

The freeze/thaw cycle is starting to take its annual toll on local roads. So, now that potholes are beginning to pop up across the area, PennDOT is asking people to report them to 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623). […]




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