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Tom Ridge Discusses Paterno, Primary

KDKA AM’s Larry and John talk to former Gov. Tom Ridge about Paterno, Politics, and Ron Paul.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–01/24/2012

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Political Expert Deconstructs New Hampshire Primary

KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek talks to political analyst Bill Green the day after the New Hampshire primary.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–01/11/2012

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Voters Head To Polls For Primary Day

Today is a primary election day in Pennsylvania and there are a few races and issues to be decided. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.


(Source: KDKA)

Democrat Candidates For County Executive On KDKA AM

KDKA AM’s Larry and John talk to Mark Patrick Flaherty and Rich Fitzgerald.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–05/11/2011

Tom Corbett is the Republican for Governor

Attorney General Tom Corbett is looking for a promotion as he has won the Republican primary for PA governor, but before he kicks off his general election campaign, he talks to Larry and John…


Dan Onorato Is the Democrat for Governor

Dan Onorato has one the Democratic primary and now moves onto the General Election, but before he starts stumping, his first stop is with Larry and John.


Dissecting the Primary Results

KDKA TV Political Analyst Jon Delano joins Larry and John in studio to discuss the results of Tuesday’s primary.