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Homeowners Continue To Voice Concerns Over Reassessments

Frustrated homeowners are continuing to voice their many concerns today about the recent property reassessments.


Property Assessment Appeal Information

The court-ordered reassessment program has now started in Allegheny County.


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Local Home Sales & Prices On Increase

Normally, an increase in property value is good news for a homeowner. In the past 10 years, property values in Allegheny County have gone up substantially. Unfortunately for some, this increase in value comes at a time when the county is undergoing a massive reassessment and that spells higher real estate tax bills for many people.


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Fitzgerald Wants Reassessment Laws Changed

Are Allegheny County property owners being singled out in terms of reassessments and paying more property taxes?  Allegheny County Council President Rich Fitzgerald thinks so and he talked with Mike Pintek about it.

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