Republican Primary

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) (Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images)

Opinion: The RNC Must Allow Ron Paul To Speak At The Convention

Paul not only speaks to many people but also for many people. He has earned his right to speak – regardless of the rules and politics.


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Pa. Republican Delegates Run Uncommitted To Any Candidate

With Mitt Romney hundreds of delegates short of winning the nomination, Pennsylvania Republicans now get a chance to help Romney — or boost his main challenger former Senator Rick Santorum.


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Sen. Bob Casey Wishes Rick Santorum The Best

Rick Santorum is down in the polls in Wisconsin, where Mitt Romney is favored to win on Tuesday, but one Democrat who defeated Santorum six years ago says nobody should take the former Pennsylvania senator lightly.


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Rick Santorum Favored To Win Pa. Primary

Coming off victories in two southern states, Rick Santorum is also riding high in his home state of Pennsylvania. A new poll shows Santorum as the favorite to win the April 24 Pennsylvania primary.


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Pa. Could Be Key In GOP Race After Super Tuesday

Voters in 10 states chose their candidate for the Republican nomination for president on Super Tuesday, but the contest is far from over. The battle just might end up in Pennsylvania on April 24 when the state has its presidential primary.