Rick Applegate

Big Report Due on Wall St

May’s job report is due today, and First Commonwealth’s Rick Applegate has an idea of what it says.


Big Dip at the End of the Day

The Dow was going along just fine until the end of the day when stocks went into a tailspin. First Commonwealth’s Rick Applegate explains how that will affect today.


New Month Brings New Hope

How bad was May for Wall St? First Commonwealth’s Rick Applegate says no one will be sad to see May end…


Look Out Below!… 10,000…

The Dow closed below 10,000 yesterday, partly due to a drop from Microsoft. First Commonwealth’s Rick Applegate has the details.


Spanish, Koreans Causing a Pullback

There could be decent drop on Wall St today thanks to Spanish bank woes and Korean war rumblings. First Commonwealth’s Rick Applegate explains…


Could the Correction Come Today?

An official correction of the Dow was staved off Friday with a small rise on Wall St, but today could be the day we see the correction. First Commonwealth’s Rick Applegate explains…


It's a Small World After All

Currency adjustments are effecting markets across the globe. First Commonwealth’s Rick Applegate explains…


Speculative Spending and Naked Short Selling

German investors are naked! Well, they were until they were banned. What are we talking about? First Commonwealth’s Rick Applegate explains…


Uncertain Day Awaits Investors

Could stock futures show a positive or a negative on Wall St today? Rick Applegate looks at the tea leaves…


Goldman Sachs Could Just Be the Begining

The investigation of firms who may have purposely mislead investors has been expanded. Rick Applegate explains…


Wall St Kicks It Up a Notch

The worldwide surge yesterday may be ebbing today, but Wall St may still see good numbers again.


Big Day Expected on Wall St

A Greek bailout and other positive news points to a strong open on Wall St. Rick Applegate explains…


Wall St Tumbles Over a Typo

When does a typo almost cost the entire US economy to collapse? Rick Applegate talks to Larry and John about how a typo sparked a nearly 1000 point plunge on the Dow Thursday.


Typo Causes Plummet on Wall St

Someone typed Billion, instead of Million, and it sparked a huge sell-off and a record breaking 900+ point drop on the Dow. Rick Applegate explains…


Greece Stirs Markets

Rick Applegate says Europe is bringing worldwide markets down as Greeks riot over their collapsing economy.