Rick Applegate

Could the Economy Be Back?

Consumers are spending again, which normally would be good, but Rick Applegate says the info behind the numbers shows something else…


Friday's Drop Has Some Investors Selling

The best performance traditionally on Wall St happens in the first 6 months, or so says an old saying. But Rick Applegate shows what you could be missing if you drop out of the market […]


GDP to Be Released

Today we find out if the economy is growing when the GDP is released…


Greece Gums Up Wall St

Greece’s financial woes continue, and they’re bringing down the markets…


Goldman Sachs Goes to Washington

Goldman Sachs will go to the SEC this morning to testify on bad business practices and the results could effect everyone in the US…


Not All Doom and Gloom on Wall St

Low mortgage rates, the end of the tax credit, and good weather combined for huge numbers in new home sales. Wall St smiles in the after glow…


Sordid Tales of Wall St

Who says stocks aren’t sexy? Wait until you hear about what SEC employees are surfing…


General Motors Pays off Car Loan

GM has paid off a large portion of its government-backed loans, and Wall St says that’s a good sign…