85-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Mother's Day With Skydiving AdventureAn 85-year-old woman took her Mother's Day celebration to new heights with a skydiving adventure.
US Says Crossing Is Full Before Caravan Tries To Seek AsylumImmigration officials told a group of Central Americans who journeyed in a caravan to the U.S. border that the San Diego crossing was already at capacity.
US Sailor In Critical Condition After Being Hit By Helicopter BladeThe military says a sailor was hit by a helicopter rotor blade at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base, north of San Diego.
Moderate, Heavy Drinkers More Likely To Reach Age 85 Without Dementia, Study SaysModerate to heavy alcohol drinkers are reportedly more likely to reach age 85 without developing dementia and similar cognitive issues when compared to non-drinkers.
Third Grader Launches GoFundMe To Raise Money For Friend's New WheelchairA third grader asked his mom to start a GoFundMe to raise money for a new wheelchair for his friend, who is paralyzed. They met their goal in just two weeks.
WATCH: Surprise! Sailor Comes Home To Find Wife 8 Months PregnantA Navy wife greeted her husband returning from six months at sea by revealing she was nearly eight months pregnant with his fourth child.
Driver In Deadly Crash Ranted About Killing 'Stupid Human'A driver who smashed head-on into another car in San Diego, killing himself and the other motorist, had ranted online about killing a "stupid human."
Drug Agents In San Diego Seize Huge Load Of Powerful OpiateFederal authorities in San Diego say they have seized one of the largest loads ever in the U.S. of the potent synthetic opiate Fentanyl.
15-Year-Old Killed By Officers Left Suicide NoteSan Diego police say a 15-year-old boy left a suicide note before he was killed by officers after pointing a BB gun at them in a high school parking lot in the dark.
Missing Navy Wife Found Dead 2 Years After VanishingOfficials have identified a body pulled from the San Diego bay two months ago as a Navy wife who had vanished two years before from her home.
San Diego Church Newsletter Says Democratic Voters Go To HellA newsletter from a San Diego Catholic church is warning parishioners they’ll go to hell if they vote for Democrats.
Truck Plunges Off San Diego Bridge Into Crowd Below, 4 KilledA pickup truck plunged off the San Diego-Coronado Bridge and plowed into a crowd gathered at a park below, leaving four people dead and at least eight injured.

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