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Teacher Accused Of Inappropriately Texting Student Will Stand Trial

A former Connellsville High School math teacher, accused of inappropriately texting a student, appeared in a Fayette County court Thursday.


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Connellsville Math Teacher Accused Of Sexting Student

Kevin Bell, 26, was escorted out of Connellsville High School Tuesday at request of principal after Pennsylvania State Police initiated this investigation.


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New Kensington Man Accused Of Sexting Random Numbers

Police say a New Kensington man sent hundreds of sexually explicit text messages to people he didn’t know.


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Local High School Teacher Accused Of Sexting Students

A Steel Valley high school teacher is accused of sexting her male students. Many of the messages Jennifer Smith is accused of sending to students are just too graphic to outline.


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Teenage ‘Sexting’ Bill Up For Debate

Prior to this new bill, the act is simply considered the electronic transmission of child pornography. House members agree that they need to find a way to have the punishment fit the crime.

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2 Teens Could Be Charged In Hempfield Sexting Scandal

State police say at least two teenagers from Hempfield Area High School could be facing criminal charges after sexting scandal.


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Police Want Phone Records Of Franklin Regional Teacher

MURRYSVILLE (KDKA) — No criminal charges have been filed in the case yet, but, there are some new details in the investigation of a local social studies teacher who allegedly sent inappropriate “sexting” messages to […]