Social Networking

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Pittsburgh Neighborhoods Join New Social Networking Site

Move over Facebook, because a new social networking site is sweeping the nation that aims to increase community awareness and bring neighbors closer together.


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Websites Help Parents Monitor Kids’ Social Network Activity

Protecting our children is parenting job number one and a shield we expect our schools to carry on as well. However, at progressively earlier ages, social networking is also coming into their lives.


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Facebook Post Leads To Fight In Rankin

RANKIN (KDKA) – Police say something posted on Facebook led to trouble for a couple in Rankin. It allegedly caused a fight that involved biting, spitting and breaking a lamp over someone’s head. Court records […]


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Cal U Student Prepares To Launch Website For Hook-Ups

CALIFORNIA (KDKA) — Looking for lust?  For some local college students, finding sex is about to be as easy as turning on the computer.  Finding sex partners on the Internet isn’t new, but finding them […]