Steve Palonis

(Credit: KDKA)

Port Authority Looking To Hire Bus Drivers

Wanted: Bus drivers for the Port Authority — decent pay, reasonable benefits — but a high risk that you might be laid off later this year.


(Credit: KDKA)

Port Authority Board Delays Massive Cuts By 1 Year

The latest round of Port Authority service cuts have been put on hold for now after vote Tuesday morning.


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Port Authority, County, State Need Money For Transit

It’s not yet a done deal, but on Sunday, Port Authority bus drivers took a giant step to enabling the restoration of public transit service cuts in September.


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Deal In Works To Avert Port Authority Service Cuts

Negotiations between state, county, and union officials to avoid a one-third cut in transit service on September 2 are underway, and it involves concessions by bus drivers that could trigger state dollars for the Port Authority.