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How To Celebrate Christmas with a Tailgate Party in Pittsburgh

Your holiday bash will be a ho-ho hit with these tips designed to help you celebrate the season with your own Pittsburgh Christmas tailgate party.



Local Tailgating Party Packages In Pittsburgh

Whether you’re a die-hard Pittsburgh tailgater gearing up for your first Steelers tailgating party or your usual tailgating experience needs a boost, check out these local tailgating party packages tailored to Steelers fans.



Bathroom Guide for Heinz Field Tailgaters

Whether you’ve had a few too many cold ones or the kids have waited until the last second to let you know that nature’s calling, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. And when you’re in a hurry, it helps to know where to go when tailgating at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field.



How To Stay Safe While Tailgating In Pittsburgh

To be certain that your next tailgate is an enjoyable time, follow these tips and guidelines designed to keep you safe while tailgating in Pittsburgh.



History of Tailgating in Pittsburgh

In celebration of the team’s 80th season anniversary, here’s a look at the history of tailgating in Pittsburgh, including past and present stadiums, the evolution of The Terrible Towel and the ultimate tailgating treats and eats.



Best Local Transportation To Get To Heinz Field

Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field is accessible by many different forms of transportation, including personal vehicles. But who really wants to fight their way through the city’s notorious tunnel traffic, regular road closures and restrictions and game-day congestion? Take advantage of Pittsburgh’s best forms of local public transportation that will get you to the game with the least amount of stress and expense as possible.



Tailgate Timing For A Steelers Game

Before you head to the next Steelers home game, check out these tips for tailgate timing, including when to arrive at Heinz Field, when to head into the stadium for the game and how to plan your exit without getting stuck in the infamous Pittsburgh traffic.


Courtesy of John Dusch, The Ambulance - M.T.U. Facebook Page

Baddest Steelers Tailgate Mobile in Pittsburgh

You can serve all the hot wings and locally brewed beer you like, blast “The Steelers Polka” as loud as you can and show your love for the black and gold from head to toe, but a Steelers tailgate party just isn’t the same without an amazing tailgating vehicle to get you to the game.


(Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)

Top 10 Vehicles Of Tailgating

Cool trucks or unique travel vans ain’t got nothing on these. Check out some of the most badass tailgating vehicles on four wheels.



The Personalities Of Pittsburgh Steelers Tailgating Lots

Whether you’re looking to swap recipes with the lots’ resident chefs or join in a game of cornhole with your kids, you can bet you’ll find a spot at these four lots that cater to your individual tailgating style.



Can’t Make The Trip: Five Weekly Parties That Make You Feel Like You’re At A Steelers Game

Grab your Terrible Towel, don your black and gold jersey and get ready for these weekly parties that rival any home-game tailgate.



Tailgater Profiles: The Hellgaters

For more than 40 years, this group of devoted Steelers fans have been bringing their rowdy, diehard tailgating parties to Heinz Field.



Tailgating Parking Tips For Heinz Field

Discover the best places to park near Heinz Field for your next Steelers tailgate.



Best Tailgating Playlist For Pittsburgh

From classic fight songs to hilarious parodies, these 10 songs are guaranteed to pump up your Steelers tailgating party.


Best Tailgating Dips For Pittsburgh Steelers Games

For those who appreciate tailgating snacks as much as a game-winning point, here are three touchdown-worthy dips that are uniquely Pittsburgh.





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