Monroeville Mall Wins Assessment Appeal, Requiring $2M From TaxpayersLocal taxpayers may take a big hit if the actions of the Monroeville Mall become the trend in the nation.
How Do Americans Spend Their Tax Refund?According to a survey, most Americans seem to be responsible when it comes to spending their tax refund.
Be Smart: Use Your Tax Refund WiselyYou've got a hefty check headed your way, thanks to your tax refund. Don't spend it just anywhere. Instead, here are five smarter ways to use your refund money.
Save Your Tax Refund & Potentially Win $25,000By saving a small chunk of your tax refund, you could hit a $25,000 jackpot.
Invest That Tax Refund In YourselfWhat is your largest asset? It's your ability to earn a living!
How To Spend Your Tax RefundThe best part of paying your taxes is probably getting your refund check.
IRS Has Refunds From 2009If you didn't file your tax return in 2009, the IRS is looking for you. But here's a switch. The government wants to find you not to penalize you, but to give you a tax refund.
IRS Delays Tax Refunds & Start Of Filing ReturnsHoping to get a tax refund quickly this year? Forget it.

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