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Heinz Field Concert Tests North Shore Connector

The Kenny Chesney-Tim McGraw concert at Heinz Field on Saturday proved to be a test for the Port Authority’s North Shore Connector. “It was larger than a sellout Pirates game type of event, so we were a little bit cautious going in,” Port Authority spokesman Jim Ritchie said.


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Port Authority Considering ‘Honor System’ For Trolley Riders

With all the new riders the Port Authority is taking a look at different fare systems. One option being considered is the so-called “proof of pay” system, also known as the honor system.


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Port Authority Looking For Connect Card Testers

The way you pay to ride the bus, the T or the Incline will soon be changing. The Port Authority is in its final phase of developing the Connect Card electronic fare system.


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Port Authority To Cut 13 Light Rail Stops

Some big changes are coming to the Port Authority’s light rail system as more than a dozen stops will soon be eliminated.


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Red Line T Work To Conclude Tuesday Morning

Commuters experienced some delays on the T today due to crews working on the Red Line.


Port Authority To Cut 13 ‘T’ Stops

The Port Authority plans to cut 13 “T” stops starting June 25. For more details, visit: Traymore (Pennant) Hampshire (Fallowfield or Coast) Boustead (Shiras or Belasco) Neeld (Shiras) Kelton (Dormont or Potomac) Martin Villa […]


Trolley Detours & Delays For Saturday, May 19

The Port Authority says trolley riders should expect significant detours and delays on Saturday because of maintenance work. Blue line stops south of Washington Junction will be served by shuttle buses. Red line service will […]


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Human Error To Blame For Weekend Trolley Derailment

A trolley derailment, which caused significant delays over the weekend appears to have been caused by human error. Sources told KDKA-TV Investigator Marty Griffin that there is no concern of it being sabotage and was simply operator and supervisor error.


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Port Authority Probes ‘T’ Derailment At South Hills Junction

What kept Pirates fans waiting at the Gateway T station on Mother’s Day wasn’t a lack of manpower or car shortages. It turned out to be a derailed car at South Hills Junction heading towards downtown Pittsburgh at about 1 p.m. – a peak time for going to the Pirate game.


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Trolley Partially Derails, Causes Major Delays

A trolley derailment near the South Hills Junction station caused some major delays for T riders Sunday afternoon.


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North Shore Connector To Open On March 25

In just two weeks, Pittsburgh commuters will have a new option for getting around town. Service is expected to start on March 25, but today, Sarah Arbogast was taken underground for a sneak peek.


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North Shore Connector Project Almost Finished

The mural has been restored to the wall of the new Gateway ‘T’ station, the station is virtually finished, the test runs have found very few problems and the much maligned North Shore Connector project is about to come to an end.


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Free ‘T’ Zone Could Expand To Station Square

With free “T” service in downtown Pittsburgh and coming soon to the North Shore, the next logical extension of the city’s free fare zone is Station Square.


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Concerns Grow After Trolley Hits Van In Bethel Park

A Port Authority trolley collided with a van in Bethel Park Tuesday morning. While no one was hurt, people are questioning if traffic lights at the intersection are enough to avoid this type of accident in the future.


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Car Gets Stuck On ‘T’ Tracks In Dormont

A car drove onto the Port Authority “T” tracks in Dormont and became stuck.