New Treatment For Spinal Tumors Leaves Patient Pain-Free With Quick RecoveryTreating a tumor in your spine is tricky, but there's a new treatment that doctors say is working wonders.
Local Woman Tries New Approach To Removing Cancerous TissueWhen cancer keeps coming back, sometimes doctors have to take drastic measures.
New Approach To Removing Small Tumors Has High Success RateAvoiding surgery and getting the same or better results -- that’s the goal of a new approach to removing small tumors from the intestines.
Pitt RB James Conner Diagnosed With Hodgkin’s LymphomaPitt’s star running back James Conner is facing a new fight to return to the football field.
Maatta To Undergo Surgery To Remove Thyroid Gland TumorPittsburgh Penguins defenseman Olli Maataa will miss about four weeks due to a surgical procedure to remove a thyroid gland tumor.
Colo. Boy With Life-Threatening Tumor Gets Wish To Visit PNC Park, Meet Cutch A 12-year-old boy, with a life-threatening tumor, longed to see a game in PNC Park, and maybe meet a player or two.
Radioactive Seeds Making Surgery More Efficient For Breast Cancer PatientsDoctors say radioactive seeds are making surgery more efficient for women with a small breast tumor.
Breast Cancer Breakthrough Helps Minimize SurgeriesJoy Taylor is about to have a lumpectomy. Her doctor is using a new FDA-approved device that helps breast cancer patients avoid additional surgery.
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