Best Pizza In Pittsburgh

March 9, 2011 6:41 AM

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For some people, the best pizza is all about the crust… others are more sauce-centric; and then, of course, there’s the cheese consideration. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t enjoy partaking in their favorite pie and we found no shortage of suggestions from the KDKA Newsroom! These are a few of our favorite pizzas in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area!! If you’re not ready to take a tour of these pizza shops by the time you get to the bottom of the page, your willpower is stronger than ours! 

Mineo’s Pizza House

713A Washington Road
Mt. Lebanon PA

2128 Murray Avenue
Squirrel Hill

When asking a group of Pittsburghers where to find the best pizza, you’re sure to hear more than one vote for Mineo’s! Definitely a crowd pleaser, Mineo’s features a section on its website devoted to all the awards the pizza house has accumulated in its 50-plus years. “It’s all about the sauce and Mineo’s is the tangy tomato-ey best!” one KDKA staffer said. “My wife won’t eat pizza from anywhere else,” another added. “She swears it’s the closest to New York pizza there is!” Transplanted Pittsburghers can even get a taste of home when the Three Rivers are miles away. Mineo’s actually ships its pizzas anywhere in the U.S.!

Fiori’s Pizzaria

103 Capital Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Located at the corner of West Liberty and Capital Avenues, Fiori’s Pizzaria was a popular suggestion for our best pizza honors. “The slices are the kind you want to fold in half before you eat them – especially when topped with pepperoni & banana peppers,” one KDKA staffer said. “Best crust, sweet sauce and no delivery – so you know it’s good!” added another. Fiori’s own website says its goal is “to create satisfied customers of each and every client.” Based on some of the praises we’ve heard about their pizza, it sounds like they’re achieving that goal!

Luciano’s Pizza in Bethel Park

1030 Clifton Rd.
Bethel Park PA 15102

We’ve heard rave reviews about more than one of Luciano’s pizzas. “Their bacon, lettuce and tomato pizza is incredible!” This “Burgh Style Pizza” offers everything from traditional and Chicago-style pies to Gyro and Tex Mex pizza; and Luciano’s is also apparently a favorite among the younger set. “My kids adore it,” one staffer added. An added incentive to visit? Mondays are hard enough to get through; but what a better way to start the work week than all you can eat pasta?!

The Village Restaurant

236 West Main Street
Mount Pleasant, PA 15666

With a crust similar to rustic Italian bread and cheese that is “always thick and gooey,” one of our favorite pizzas in Westmoreland County comes from Mount Pleasant’s own the Village Restaurant. One KDKA staffer who “grew up eating their pizza after high school football games” says that although “the recipe has changed over the years, it gets better every time!”

Pizza Roma

8350 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

If you’re looking for the taste of New York here in the ‘Burgh, you may want to head north along Perry Highway to try a pie from Pizza Roma. In business for four decades, this family-owned Italian restaurant offers what a few of our staffers who have lived in the Big Apple say is the closest they’ve found to a New York slice!

Pizza Sola

6004 Penn Circle, East Liberty

1417 E. Carson St., South Side

114 Atwood St., Oakland

If a New York slice is what you crave, you might want to head to one of the three Pizza Sola locations around the city. Pittsburgh Magazine’s editors named this pizzeria the “Best Slice of New York” in its “2009 Best (and Worst) of Pittsburgh” for its “freshly tossed thin crusts… imported San Marzano tomato sauce and… endless topping combinations!” http://www.pittsburghmagazine.comPittsburgh-Magazine/September-2009/Best-and-Worst-of-Pittsburgh/

City Oven

3025 Banksville Road,
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Village at Pine
2000 Village Run Way
Wexford, PA 15090

If fire-roasted pizza tempts your taste buds, you may want to visit one of City Oven’s two area restaurants. With locations in the South and North Hills, City Oven’s pizza is one of our favorites because of its “wood-fired, fresh ingredients and fast” service. While you’re there, be sure to sample some homemade gelato for dessert!

Little Chicago’s Pizzeria

1728 E Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
412-431-1450 ‎

918 Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

If Chicago-style is your pizza preference, Little Chicago’s Pizzeria is likely to have a pie to please. With locations in Sharpsburg and Pittsburgh’s South Side, one KDKA staffer assures: “The deep dish crust is fantastic and they never skimp on toppings!”

Piccolo Forno

3801 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201-1869
(412) 622-0111

Located at the corner of 38th and Butler Streets in Lawrenceville, Piccolo Forno is a Tuscan restaurant known for its wood-fired pizzas among other Italian dishes. If gourmet is more your style, you’re sure to find a pizza to please your taste buds here. “I love their Margherita Pizza with sausage and basil,” a KDKA staffer said.

Danny’s Parkview Pizza

5159 Library Road
Bethel Park PA 15102

The hoagies – billed as “Pittsburgh’s Original Oven-Baked Hoagies” — are great, but if you’ve tried Danny’s Pizza, you’ll be hooked. From the cheese to the sauce, there’s a reason they haven’t strayed from the original recipe for the last 50-years or so! You just don’t mess with pizza this good!

Napoli Pizzeria

2006 Murray Ave.
Pittsburgh PA 15217

Napoli Pizza in the heart of Squirrel Hill has been serving up tasty pizzas for more than 25 years in Pittsburgh! Whether you like sauce or white pizzas, Napoli’s promises that their pizza “melts in your mouth!”

Sunset Pizza & Grille

38 E. Main
Carnegie, PA 15106
(412) 276-3103

If you’re torn between grilled kebabs or pizza, head on over to Sunset Pizza & Grille in Carnegie where you can choose between Turkish food and pizza (or both, for that matter!). One KDKA staffer says you can get “perfect pizza every time” at this friendly, family-owned business; and “they always remember your name.”

Hampton Sports Zone

4706 William Flynn Hwy # 12
Allison Park, PA 15101

If you’re in the North Hills and craving some cheesy pizza, you may want to head to the Hampton Sports Zone in Allison Park for some “great hand-made pizza.” At least one KDKA staffer claims the Sports Zone’s pizza has the best cheese in town. Add to that a “great selection of toppings” and the zone is “perfect” for pick-up or delivery!”

Osso’s Original Pizza

90 Henderson Ave
Washington, PA 15301-1932
(724) 222-1990

Another one of our editor’s picks for best pizza is located in Washington County. Osso’s Original Pizza is a staple of Washington thanks to its square-cut slices and flavorful sauce.

Mamma Lucia’s Pizza

8000 McKnight Rd # 1142
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Located in Northway Mall along McKnight Road, is another one of our favorite pizzas thanks in part to its “wonderful thin crust” and “delicious.. but not too thick, toppings!” Folks are also fans of Mamma Lucia’s garlic knots!

Harry’s Pizza

4133 Washington Rd.
McMurray Pa. 15317

Its website proclaims that Harry’s Pizza in McMurray is “simply the best,” and some KDKA staffers certainly agree! Located in Waterdam Center on Washington Road just past Donaldson’s Crossroads, Harry’s has a cozy atmosphere “with a trendy twist.” Whether it’s a traditional thin slice or a specialty pie like Barb’s White Clam Pizza, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste at Harry’s.

Police Station Pizza

1007 Merchant Street
Ambridge, PA 15003

If you’re looking for great pizza in the Beaver County area, another local favorite is Police Station Pizza in Ambridge. “The first pizza I ever ate and the last pizza I’d ever want to eat,” one KDKA staffer exclaimed!

Blue Grotto Pizza

1610 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh PA 15203

Blue Grotto Pizza is one of our favorites thanks to its big slices packed with “huge flavor!” Located on the corner of East Carson and 17th Streets on the South Side, Blue Grotto is a great place to meet friends before heading out on the town!

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  • james

    Ya Ya’s pizza in South Park (corner of 88 and Brownsville) blows away Mineos, Harrys, Lucianos, and Fioris… Never tried the other places mentioned above.



    • Fenix1186

      Pizza Italia is by far the best I’ve had in Pittsburgh… Angelos is good but not great.

      • Fenix1186

        These places are in bloomfield.



  • Jim Singer

    how could you forget about the “Vinnie Pie” at vincent’s pizza park
    or beto’s on banksville??? i mean c’mon are you nuts

    • John Kreutzer

      The vinnie Pie is not as good as it used to be , sorry….

    • Dan


    • Bryan Tomovcsik

      Vinny’s is in a league of it’s own!!

  • Steve Crowe

    Bee’z Pizza in Bridgeville by Portman Farms is also very good

  • mikes

    Sam’s Pizza in Canonsburg by Sarris’ – excellent pizza!

    • Art

      Worst I ever had seriously!

  • joe finnei

    You can’t forget Mr.C’s in Bakerstown. I love the steel city stuffed pizza.

  • Kurt E

    Roland’s Seafood Grille on Penn Ave. in the strip has wonderful wood-fired oven pizza.

  • Nicole L

    How could you forget about the Vinnie pie (Vincents Pizza Park, Forest Hills)?

  • Ron G

    Doughboys Pizza in Mckees rocks is the best hands down salads and wings can’t be beat thanks chuck and ryan for makin it with love

    • Art

      I absolutely love the crushed tomato and garlic pizza to die for. I owned a printing business beside Doughboys and could not buy it enough. Sadly closed up and now live to far away to get this pizza.

      • Kristie Lynn

        there is a doughboys in Pa? is that the same as doughb oys in virginia baech??

  • james

    best salads??? who orders salads from a Pizza shop?

    Regarding Sam’s in canonsburg…it’s like tomato soup on abread. The worst square pizza ive ever had. However, if you want delicious sqaure cut pizza, try Hill House in Washington, PA.

    • Art

      Agreed had Sam’s before almost gagged it was so bad

  • DB

    Nothing and I mean nothing beats Sarah L Defelice pizza in Punxsutawney, PA. Its even better heated up. I can’t find anything like it. If your up that way you have to try them or Laska’s Pizza.

  • bill

    Gateway Grill Monroeville wood fired great

  • earl

    IVP– italian village pizza All locations

  • Ron g

    The salad and wings were in addition to the best pizza in the burgh were is hill house exactly would like to try

  • ZZZ

    How about Pizza Milano’s across from the Consol Energy Center.
    Also try the Buffalo Chicken Hoagie…

  • james

    Hill House is off of Jefferson on Maiden Street. Not too far form the court house.

    • ron g

      thanks will stop by and try

  • The Truth

    Lucianos in Bethel is awful, and the people who work there are incredibly rude.

    • Missy

      Amen! Ignorant people who work there! Only pizza that’s halfway decent is the white pizza!

    • Art

      Agreed, worst service………I do like the pizza

    • bwark

      I wonder, each time I drive by Lucianos, Why is this place still in business? It really is bad! And the workers, just as bad as the pizza!

      • Luke

        LUKE RAVENSTAL loves Lucianos…You people are QUACKS!

    • bwark

      Yep, stopped there on the way home, staff acted as if I was disturbing them. Even my kids refused to eat this pizza. This was the first and only pizza that my family has ever thrown in the garbage, it was THAT bad. Rude staff, rotten pizza, why try anything else? YUK!

  • Celiac and Hating It

    WOW…when did this contest happen? This looks like too many paid advertisers to me. I live in Ross and have to recommend Mandys Pizza. I am a celiac though my husband is not and these guys make the best pizza that anyone can enjoy. And their wings must be from the largest chicken in the world since I can’t eat more than 3 and they make them gluten free just for me.

    • Dave

      I know a few of the owners there and none of them advertise at not speaking for everyone, but a group of the places in here are well-deserved.

  • Pizza Lover

    Sunseri’s Pizza in Baldwin!!! Delightfully delicious!!

    • juice

      i agree. just had it lasnight. pizza is great !

  • Ron Cook

    Little Caesars pizza in Caste Village.

  • fat boy

    stay out of munhall if you want a pizza. they have the worst pizza places in the world.

  • Doug Shields


  • Chuck Batch

    I think most people stay out of Munhall for a lot of reasons, but has nothing to do with pizza.

  • Jim

    Imo’s Pizza in St Louis

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