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April 16, 2011 2:08 AM

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Believe or not there are places to visit and see besides the Steelers and the Pirates. This neighborhood has a charm of its own that deserves a second look with businesses from coffee shops to great places to eat and a unique museum. Take a visit and be prepared to be surprised.

Amani International Coffee House

507 Foreland St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

When you’re looking for a nice place to relax, people watch or get some work done, look no further then Amani International Coffee House. The welcoming atmosphere with comfy couches and chairs with free wireless internet makes this a good place to meet up with friends for a bit of coffee or tea. Or you can have a cool smoothie and a bite to eat or better yet something sweet.

Legends of the North Shore

500 East North Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Now if you want a menu with an interesting variety of items to eat make a stop at the Legends of the North Shore. The simple restaurant front hides a bountiful and tasty dining experience. The portabella stack sandwich will not increase your waist too much and the grilled salmon salad hits the spot. Don’t take our word for it, visit yourself!

Rita’s Ice

401 East Ohio St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

If you’re looking for something cool to eat but don’t want to sit down inside a restaurant, then Rita’s Ice is just your speed. Your cool treats range from the Italian ice to the custard and delicious cream ice. You can never go wrong with Rita’s for dessert.

Monterey Pub

1227 Monterey St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

If a pub with a fireplace equals a welcoming place to have a drink and a bite to eat to you, you’ll love Monterey Pub. The mahogany booths and old fashion bars make this touch of Irish pub something special. You do have your draft and bottled beers and of course they offer all the finger foods like hot wings.

Mattress Factory

5000 Sampsonia Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Not in the mood for coffee, tea, beer or a bite to eat then check out the unique museum, the Mattress Factory, where you can actually walk through and be part of an art exhibit. Contemporary art is always on display. Interesting accessories from wallets and bags to jewelry and even clothing can be purchased at the museum.

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  • Jimm


  • Justin

    To which “unique museum” are you referring?

    The Childrens Museum?
    The Warhol Museum?
    The Mattress Factory?
    Manchester Craftsman’s Guild?
    Photo Antiquities?

    to say the least there’s more than one unique museum.
    I assume you’re speaking of the Mattress Factory since that’s the only one you listed but a little research would prove there are several more.

    • Lindsay Nicole

      Did you read the article beyond it’s intro? Because there’s clearly a section on The Mattress Factory.

  • Just Saying...

    Rita’s Ice, are you kidding me? I believe there is also a McDonald’s and a Subway for those interested in things ONLY found on the Northside.

  • Denise Beasley

    Amani Coffe House really is a great place to relax, and the owner is super friendly and helpful. She also has space available to hold small events, etc. Amani is one of my favorite places on the Northside.

  • Henry

    Pittsburgh is one WONDERFUL, beautiful, diverse, and friendly city! If I could, I would move back there in a heartbeat!

  • Bruce Grover

    Let’s not forget The Bistro to Go and Bistro Soul. The owners are wonderful people and the atmosphere is second to none. Chef Alfredo makes his famous dishes right in front of you at Bistro Soul and right next store at the Bistro, Nikke and Joe make you feel right at home.

  • yo

    There is also a bunch of family owned businesses on E. Ohio street from East Street News, Victory lunch, and pickles. there is Lillian’s and Isaly’s. even tho the last 2 have changed drastically since i was younger. The McDonald’s is techincally part of the northside, however it is far off from the Main section. Allegheny center used to be a nice mall, ages ago, however now its just a bunch of businesses.Many things have changed over the years, what is now Rita’s used to be a small diner.
    Lets not forget where we can all get our music in any avaliable material format, Stedaford’s Records! A wonderful family owned business that has been around for decades. There however are no shortage of bars abound if you become thirsty in your travels. Good Ole Deutchtown isn’t going anywhere, so drop by and enjoy the variety.

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