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  1. Tim Springer says:

    I am a lifelong Steeler fan and wanted to express my disgust. Is it just me or does
    anyone-else feel that the level of play, by the team on Sunday night, was just really unacceptable? They played, collectively, like a bunch of Betty Whites. Where was
    the energy, focus, effort, concern? Brady and company made the Steelers whole
    team look like a sham. The final score made the game look a lot closer than it really
    was. Where was the great defense last night? The effort, again? Who is calling
    the plays? Do they know the word creativity? Execution? The offense looked as
    predictable as the weather is in San Diego. The post-game press conferences
    were irritating from both Ben and coach. “We didn’t get it done.” “We didn’t play
    very well.” No kidding. My question is WHY?? Why weren’t they more, better, prepared? This is the multi-million-dollar, NFL. Earn your money on Sunday !!

    1. Matt Miller says:

      The Time Is NOW!!!

      I have come up with a simple way to bring this issue to light and let the entire NFL, Roger Gooddell, the fans, everyone that we are fed up and not going to allow it to happen anymore. December 19th, Steelers play the Jets at home. If everyone wears yellow (similar to how we have a “White-out” for the PENS games) it is sure to be seen. If all the signs made refer to either the penalties or the fines and/or Gooddell’s resignation, it’s sure to be seen. If all the chants in the stadium have something to do with no more fines, no more B.S. penalties, or fire Roger, its sure to be heard. This is OUR sport, OUR team, OUR city, OUR fans. Isnt it about time we take control back into OUR hands? The is power in numbers and its time we do something about it.

      1. Rob says:

        I think the people who keep punching Ben (Quarterback ofthe Steelers) are just trying to hurt Pgh from winning the Superbowl. They should let people know..the next person to do that will be expelled for the rest of the season…or the complete NFL> That’s dirty and actually cheating, and they are getting away with it.

  2. Robert Maslyk says:

    I listened to the Steeler game at work the other day, and I know we played a very bad game. But I still love the Steelers. I just hope maybe that Sunday they have a better game. The reason I am writing this when I listened to the game at work, I was so sicken of Tunch Ilkin the whole freaking time I thought he wanted to jump in bed with Brady. Tom this Tom that, he never stopped kissing Brady. After awhile it was sickening to us at work. One time he said “He is the greatest”.

  3. Joey Lance says:

    I hear ya guys! It was a frustrating game on Sunday, but that just means the Steelers need to come back stronger and more prepared this week against the Raiders. And they better because Oakland is no joke this year. I’m confident Pittsburgh will find a way to bounce back this week.
    Thanks for checkin’ out my video page guys! I am creating a facebook page for the Voice of the Fan and I will notify everyone each time I host an event. Hopefully I see you guys out there and you can get on the website in the next video.
    Take care fellas!

  4. armand sichi says:

    i would like to ask if the player that hit ward and knocked him out of the game was ever fined i can not fine anythig if he did. thank you armand sichi from belle vernon

  5. Hanover Bill says:

    I listened to The Fan show on Saturday night and I don’t know the name of the host but he assured us that the Oakland Raiders would run the ball all over Heinz Field on Sunday afternoon. In fact he was so sure of this that he dedicated the entire show to voicing his opinion on this fact, ” the Raiders would run all over the Steelers on Sunday afternoon”. I was wondering what hole he is hiding in right now? I know if I were him I would be hiding out after spouting that opinion all over the airwaves. I can’t wait to hear his next show and his reasoning why things didn’t exactly work out the way he stated. Should be worth the price of admission.

  6. Joey Lance says:

    HAHAHAHA yep Hanover, that was a pretty bold statement to make. And the Steelers “D” showed up on Sunday and proved why they are still the best defense in the league at stopping the run. HUGE WIN!!
    And Armand, I am pretty sure that the Partiots’ defensive player who hit Hines did not get fined. Probably because he’s not wearing a Steeler uniform. They are getting out of hand with targeting the Steelers, I think.
    Thanks guys!

    Check out my newest video from Sunday when I went to the Brothers Grimm for the Steeler game!

  7. kEITH mEDVED says:

    Is it just me with seeing the non calls of last nights game that I was imagining that all Bolden’s 60 some yard reception that Palamalu took a shot to the fACE MASK DURING HIS RUSH ON THE PLAY.

  8. Joey Lance says:

    Yeah Keith I totally agree man. That wasn’t the only play last night where someone on the Steelers was getting punched in the face haha. On the great play where Big Ben escaped Suggs and the sack, Suggs had his hands completely wrapped around his helmet and facemask. It was a ridiculous non call. Along with many others in that ball game.
    But, hey, the important thing is the Steelers got the W. It wasn’t pretty, but it rarely is against the Ravens.
    Thanks for checkin’ out my videos man and if you have a spot you like to go to for Steeler games email me or leave a comment and let me know. I’ll come out there for the Bengals game and shoot a video there and get you and your buds in it!
    Thanks man.

  9. Bill Schaeffer says:

    Why can’t Bob Pompiani do an investigative report on the hits that Big Ben takes compared ot Tom Brady and other quaterbacks? He could do a video collection of what isn’t called on Big Ben and what is called on everyone else. He could even contact the NFL Office for an interview and comments.
    I hear a lot of complaining, but no one has the “desire” to dig into this. We need investigative reporters.

  10. Joey Lance says:

    There definitely have been a lot of complaints Bill. I agree with you. It seems to me like there’s enough evidence to, at least, ask questions about what the heck is going on here. Big Ben even took another shot to the head in yesterday’s game against the Bengals and that wasn’t called. It’s getting to be suspicious and I agree, someone needs to investigate something.

  11. Joey Lance says:

    Just set up a twitter account guys!! Check it out and follow me at http://www.twitter.com/Joey_Lance.

    I’ll update you with sports news and let you know when I’ll be filming and uploading a new Voice of The Fan video every time.

    Thanks everybody!

  12. carl p says:

    i hope steeler fans have a big crying towel for the super bowl because the packers are going to win big final score 34-17 pack win in a blowout!!!!!!

    1. Joey Lance says:

      OOh, you better be careful writing this comment on a sports page in Pittsburgh! haha. Just kidding, man. But, I’ve got to disagree with you b/c I think it’s going to be a closer game and not a blowout. And when it comes down to a close game on the biggest stage, we’ve seen what the Steelers can do! I got the black and gold winning this one!
      Thanks for the comment Carl. And thanks for checkin’ out the video!

  13. JOHN DELGRECO says:


  14. Joey Lance says:

    Hey guys! Let me know if you’re going to the Pittsburgh Power season opener tonight at Consol Energy Center. I’ll be there in my 93.7 The Fan shirt filming a Voice of The Fan and want you to sound-off on our new Arena Football team! Email me at joseph.lancianese@cbsradio.com or message me back.

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