PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Wedding fever has swept the world! Prince William and Catherine Middleton are now husband and wife after exchanging vows at Westminster Abbey in London.

On Thursday night, royal watchers camped outside Buckingham Palace got a surprise visit from the groom as he greeted the hordes of well-wishers gathered there. Prince William briefly mingled and shook hands with some of them.

Thousands of people camped out all over London, watching and waiting for the big event. Meanwhile, people in Pittsburgh were up early this morning, celebrating the royal wedding too.

A group of 30 women set their alarm clocks in order to gather together at Altman’s Tavern in Pleasant Hills and watch the nuptials.

“It’s just the most beautiful thing I think I’ve witnessed in a very long time,” said Ellen Metts. “Of course, except for my own wedding. But it’s very, very touching.”

From scones, to flags, to the over-the-top hats, the party was fit for royalty.

“I’m amazed that this many people got up at five in the morning to get here,” said June Brandt. “The highlight has been seeing everybody’s hats. The hats have been great. I love them.”

The ladies also cut a wedding cake, toasted the royal couple with champagne, took part in trivia contests and watched in amazement at the beauty of the real-life fairytale.

There was even a giveaway for the best hat. The big prize of the morning was a look-a-like of the sapphire engagement ring Her Royal Highness, Princess William of Wales wears.

“True love, absolute true love – you can see it on both their faces,” said Metts. “It’s just wonderful to see two people come together. A wonderful chapter to share.”

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