PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you have little kids or grandchildren, think about snack time for a minute.

How many spills have you witnessed or had to clean up?

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A new bowl claims to be able to help in that department, which will let parents relax whenever kids snack.

But, Does It Really Do That?

The makers use the word “magic” to describe the way the Gyro Bowl works. The commercial says to just fill it up, and it will spin and spin and stuff will stay in.

KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Antkowiak took the Gyro Bowl to Beulah Christian Preschool and Childcare to put it to the test.

The kids play hard, and they snack hard. Amanada Scifo and her team teach the kids that it’s safest to snack only when seated at their little tables. However, for the test, they let the kids get the Gyro Bowl moving.

In the commercial, the Gyro Bowl keeps it together on a swing, a skateboard and even on a zip-line.

In the toddler classroom though, Goldfish went flying during one of the first runs around the room.

Walking was fine and even fast walking passed the test, but jumping was no good.

Seeing the crackers spilling made some of the little ones extremely careful with the Gyro Bowl. Antkowiak had to work to get them not to be afraid to just pick it up and go.

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Although they lost a few more Goldfish during some dancing, there was one benefit to mention. The child holding the Gyro Bowl was always the most popular.

Between the dropping and the eating, the group ran out of Goldfish, so they switched to Cheerios to put the Gyro Bowl and a regular plastic snack bowl head-to-head in a pass the snacks to your friends test.

Within seconds, both bowls spilled. However, it made for a fun new morning activity for the kids.

Scifo, and Director Tracy Belmonte were really eager to see the Gyro Bowl in action.

“I would say just use a regular bowl. We lost a lot of the snack along the way. I would definitely say, use a regular bowl,” Scifo said.

“As a mom myself, let alone being a preschool director, I don’t know that it would make me any more comfortable just saying, ‘Here’s a bowl of snacks and go run around the house or watch [television].’ Because, well seeing what we saw today, I still think it’s [going to] spill and I don’t think it’s any better than a regular bowl,” Belmonte said.

Belmonte brought up another good point regarding the concept of using this fun thing for kids to eat out of.

She said we’re sending mixed messages about healthy and safe eating.

The commercial does go on to show that adults can use these for office and workshop supplies, which could also send, potentially dangerous mixed messages.


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