PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A little girl fell more than 20 feet to the ground after someone dropped her from a window.

Now, after several weeks in the hospital, she’s back home with her family.

There’s no place like home for a little girl who was struggling for her life only a few weeks ago.

When Alizae Mosconi fell 21-feet, her skull was fractured, her eye socket shattered and both arms were broken. One of her arms was broken in three places and her spleen was lacerated.

Mosconi’s little arms are still in hot pink casts. They match her new sparkly sneakers. Her eye is black and blue, but her bruises are fading.

Her broken body is healing and she’s about to celebrate her second birthday on Thursday. A family party is set for the end of the month.

“She’s doing fine, like she’s probably not going to need any plastic surgery or anything,” her mother, Beth Newman, said.

She was released from Children’s Hospital last Thursday. She had spent more than two weeks there, first in the ICU where her mom could barely recognize her severely swollen child’s face.

“And if it wasn’t for the prayers, I don’t think she would have pulled through it like she did, as fast as she did,” Newman said.

Terra Hill, 27, is charged with holding Alizae out of a window by one arm. She told police she was just trying to teach the girl a lesson after Alizae hit her in the face with a ball.

Hill never told the family gathering at Brightwood Manor that when the child scratched her, she let go.

Alizae was found bleeding on an asphalt walkway.

This week is for putting aside those bad memories and to celebrate the life of this child.

“She’s been tough since she was born, so I knew she was going to be okay,” Newman said.

Alizae’s two broken arms are interfering with her balance, which makes it tough for her to walk.

However, one of those casts is expected to be off by next week.


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