HERMINIE (KDKA) – A little boy in Herminie was recently attacked by a pit bull.

Now, a local group is working to find the dog’s owner.

“My husband was trying to get it off of him and he couldn’t get it off of him. So, he busted him in the head with a rock a couple of times and the dog finally let go,” Jennifer Stoll said.

Hayden Stoll is only 5-years-old and he has already had to endure so much in his young life.His father and grandfather pulled a pit bull off of him in front of his house in Herminie.

The dog’s jaws were clamped tightly around the boy’s face.

Locating the dog’s owner has been difficult because the dog had no identification or tags.

A group called Hello Bully wants to help locate the owner.

“Well our heart goes out to this child. Because of this incident it’s forever changed this child’s life and it was all due to irresponsible ownership,” Nicole Meloy said.

Meloy is on the board of directors for Hello Bully. She owns three pit bulls and said the organization is determined to find the owner of the dog.

“We are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the prosecution of the owner of this dog,” Meloy said.

Hello Bully, the Animal Rescue League, the Western Pa. Area Humane Society and Animal Friends have partnered together to offer the $1,000 reward.

Initially, doctors thought Hayden would lose all muscle control in his face. Luckily, that will not happen now.

However, his father said he will have to undergo various surgeries for the next 15 years of his life.

Anyone with information is asked to call Animal Control in Sutersville at (724)-872-7797.


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