DUQUESNE (KDKA) — A community is in mourning as the investigation continues into a shooting that claimed the life of a 16-year-old and left three of his family members wounded at an apartment building in Duquesne Saturday evening.

Investigators say they believe three gunmen may have been involved in the shooting at the Hilltop Parkview Manor Apartments on Duquesne Place Drive.

Daniel Peek was killed in the gunfire. His grandmother and 14-year-old brother were wounded, and an aunt was grazed by a bullet.

According to authorities, the victim’s younger brother answered a knock at the door and that’s when the shooting started.

“We regret to inform you that in less than one month, there’s been another shooting and killing of a young person here in the City of Duquesne,” Pastor Archie Perrin, of Macedonia Baptist Church, said.

During morning services there, Pastor Perrin noted that the shooting comes just before the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday.

“Yet in the midst of the celebration of non-violence, we find ourselves being again in another situation where we have another young person killed,” he said. “Martin Luther King would just have a fit.”

Pastor Perrin presided over the last funeral service for a teenager who was murdered in Duquesne. He says it’s time to stop the vicious cycle of violence.

“This deals with two causes: one, turf and two, drugs,” Pastor Perrin added. “Dr. Martin Luther King did not live and die for this type of activity, and we now – who are the people of God – need to stand up, after we finish praying, and begin to take back the streets.”

Police are still looking for the three gunmen involved in the shooting.

Duquesne Mayor Phil Krivacek says the apartment complex generates most of their police calls. He says one of the problems is no one cooperates with police.

“When the community that’s involved in this decides they’re going to help, the police help them,” he said. “That’s when we’re going to get it taken care of. Till then, I don’t have any answers.”

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