MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — The owners of Triangle Pet Control are breaking their silence after they were shut down by the state earlier this week.

And the impact of the closure is now being felt by many local communities.

If a police officer found a stray dog before the closure, the officer would call Triangle Pet Control, they would pick up the dog and the problem would be solved.

Now that Triangle Pet Control has been shut down, the Millvale police department plans to put the animals in the station’s garage or a holding cell.

Millvale Police Chief Derek Miller says his department is not equipped to take care of dogs.

“We’ve got some bowls, but that will be about it – no food or anything like that,” he said.

The police chief says sometimes they get three or four stray dogs a week.

The state’s shut down of Triangle Pet Control causes major problems for police departments all over the region.

Triangle contracted with many of them to pick up strays – now they are scrambling for a reasonable solution.

“We have a serious problem now – we have no holding facility whatsoever to bring animals in and hold them, so we don’t know what we’re gonna do right now,” Chief Miller said.

Paul McIntyre took KDKA-TV inside Triangle Pet Control Wednesday where they have 23 dogs. He admits mistakes have been made.

Marty Griffin: “Do you abuse and neglect dogs?”

Paul McIntyre: “No, no. Never, never.”

Griffin: “But you do admit that folks were cooking the books?”

McIntyre: “Right.”

Griffin: “Lying about the number of dogs euthanized?”

McIntyre: “I’m going to say they did.”

Griffin: “Breaking the law?”

McIntyre: “I’m going to say they did.”

Griffin: “Committing felonies?”

McIntyre: “Yes sir.”

Griffin: “You plan to stop that?”

McIntyre: “That’s done.”

McIntyre says he’s taking over and promises everything will be above board.

“I want to open the kennel up, change the name and get on the right track,” he said.

The first hearing for the kennel is in December.

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