PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Many people are gearing up for holiday shopping mode with Black Friday coming up this week.

KDKA-TV news anchor/Does It Really Do That reporter Jennifer Antkowiak went to Churchill to test a product that would make a good holiday gift for several people on your list.

It’s called the RockIt 3.0 and is claims to turn just about anything into a speaker.

The Hills are a family that rocks.

The mom, Peg, said they have a long line of musicians in the family and the house is always full of music.

So, the Hills were good testers for the little gadget.

“We’re [going to] have to check this out, I got a million things I’d like snap it on to see if it works, because it’s an incredible concept. It’s really, really cool,” Peg said.

The RockIt 3.0 has a small, slim design. Everything fits into a little rechargeable unit. It’s made to take sound from any device with a headphone jack, and generate it into vibration sequences.

The vibration head comes off of one end and it has a sticky pad so you can attach it to things. The speaker cable unwinds from the other end.

You can also link two or more together for fuller sound in more places.

Excited, and ready to RockIt, Antkowiak and the Hill family started out by trying it on a wine bucket that they normally have out for parties.

Plugged into music from Gary Hill’s phone, he attached the vibration head to the bucket, pressed play, and, it worked!

The sound was amplified at least double the volume as it was coming through the speaker on the phone.

“It radiates through the whole thing,” Gary said.

From there it was fun to walk around and think of places to try the system and they did give it quite a workout.

It did very well on French doors between two rooms. Stuck on a guitar, the RockIt 3.0 gave off a loud, rich sound. However, it was not as great on a solid wood decorative pig because there was not enough vibration potential there.

Other items they tested were a glass table, a glass lamp shade, a picture frame, the box the product came in, a shoe box, a tissue box (which was quite impressive).

”From now on, I’m going to have a box of Kleenex in every room,” Peg said.

By then, the sticky pad on the vibration head lost some of its grip.

The instructions said that can happen.

To reactivate it, you just rub a little water on it, which worked well, and the Hills and Jen were back in business, testing the RockIt 3.0 on some glassware, a cooler, a red Solo cup, a shower door, sunglasses, cupboard doors, windows, a basketball hoop pole and even a car.

The quality of sound varied from place to place-the most hollow items sounded the best, since the amplified sound is based on vibration sequences.

Reluctantly, they stopped testing. The Hill’s young son, Jimmy, dropped a few hints about the RockIt being a cool Christmas gift.

The RockIt 3.0 claims to turn about anything into a speaker. Does it really do that? Thumbs up all the way around.

Peg wondered about the durability and was happily surprised.

“That was a concern of mine. You have to be careful. There are a zillion little gadgets out there, especially this time of year, but to walk it through the house like we did, I’m sold on it! I really am, I think it’s pretty cool,” Peg said.

For more information about the RockIt 3.0, click here: http://www.origaudio.com/shop/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29778


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