MUNHALL (KDKA) A Munhall City Councilman is calling for the closure of a strip club following a fatal shooting early Sunday morning.

Councilman Dan Lloyd is asking for Club Pink to be shut down following a shooting that left John Hunter Sumpter, 32, of Wilkinsburg, dead.

“There have been multiple incidents at this club since its open,” Lloyd said. “I’d like to see it closed.”

Councilman Lloyd said back in August there was also another shooting at this club. He also said they may be able to revoke the business permit saying a few years ago under a previous owner and business name, the strip club bypassed proper zoning procedures after Council failed to take action on the zoning permit within 45 days.

“The club never should have been there in the first place. The club didn’t meet our zoning, but because of some missteps because of previous administrations, this club was allowed to open,” Lloyd said.

According to police, 24-year-old Paul Barone was arrested in connection with the shooting. Surveillance video from a pizza shop near where the shooting took place allegedly showed Baron firing shots into a car near the parking lot at Club Pink.

Sumpter was found dead in the front seat of the car.

An officer in an unmarked car witnessed the shooting and pursued the vehicle the suspect got into.

Barone got out of the back seat and ran into a wooded area and allegedly tried to dump a gun along the way. The gun was later recovered.

“I heard a commotion out there,” John Beckman said. “I live right here in that house and I looked out the window and I [saw] a car there. Somebody jumped out the car and took off running up that hill, right there.”

Lloyd is calling for the mayor to close the strip club citing not only this incident, but another non-fatal shooting at the club in August of last year.

Barone is being charged with criminal homicide.

Deanna Chuba-DiPaolo of Chuba Heating and Remodeling next door to Club Pink said drugs, drug paraphernalia, and beer bottles have been found in their parking lot. She worries about herself and tenants in their rental property.

“I agree whole-heartedly with closing the business next door because it’s been nothing but havoc since they opened it,” Chuba-DiPaolo said.

Councilman Lloyd is hoping to hold that hearing between Council and the owner within the next two weeks.


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