PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Many people struggle with unwanted hair. Lots of women get sick of shaving all the time and waxing or bleaching can be very irritating to your skin.

The No No Hair Removal System claims to give you no hair with no pain and no hassle.

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But does it really do that?

It’s one of the more expensive products we’ve tested, and the cost is the thing that has many of our viewers hesitant before they plunk down their money and give it a try.

No No claims to give you spa-like hair removal results at home by using a device with thermicon technology that takes heat down to the follicle to not only remove the hair, but also inhibit future growth.

That would be great, if it works, right?

“I have hair in a lot of places that I would love to be lighter or gone, so I would love to try it because I’ve done a lot of bleaching and waxing, and that would irritate my skin a lot,” Julie Brain said.

Brain has had her eye on the No No for quite a while, but some negative reviews she read and the price have stopped her from pulling the trigger.

“I’m excited to give it a try,” Brain said. “I’m very desperate for it to work.”

The commercial claims it will work quickly, effectively and safely.

The No No system comes with the device itself, a charger, different tips for body and face, buffing pads for body and face and a quick-start guide that’s geared to helping you using is in ten minutes.

Be aware, you do have to charge the unit for at least five hours, preferably overnight, before the first use. The green bars show it’s fully charged.

Julie decides she wants to try legs and arms first, so she chose the wide tip, lined up the posts, and snapped it into place.

The No No has three treatment levels. The directions tell you to start with the lowest level and move up. In terms of how to use it. The directions stress the word, “glide.”

Eager to get started, Julie goes to work on a leg.

The gliding wasn’t very easy going at first as Julie worked to get the angle and pressure needs to keep the blue light steadily lit.

She also kept seeing little puffs of smoke and right away, the smell of burned hair. All of that is completely normal, according to the directions.

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On the arm, it was still jumpy with more smoke, more burned hair smell, but no pain.

Julie agreed to give the No No a try over a period of three times a week for three weeks.

KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Antkowiak went back a little more than three weeks later to see what kind of results Julie was seeing.

“In three weeks, if I wouldn’t have shaved before, I probably would have looked like a monkey, but I don’t look like a monkey,” Julie said.

Julie said she’s noticed definite results in the time it takes for hair to grow back and in the amount and texture of the hair that does come back.

She points out that the directions say you need to have patience to use the No No to get used to using it and to wait for the best results. She admitted at times she wanted to give those legs a swipe with the razor, but she refrained.

“My legs are actually smooth now, and the hair that’s there it doesn’t feel like it would if I wasn’t using this,” she said.

Julie said she spends about 15 minutes on each leg.

She was especially excited about trying it on her face, which had been really irritated by waxing and bleaching. She showed us how she works around the angles on her face, going against the direction of hair growth and she’s happy with results there.

The directions warn to be careful over curvy areas so you don’t burn your skin. Julie did have an accident around her knuckle.

“It kind of sucked in my skin, but it was really fast. It was a like a quick second, but it burned, and it hurt. I’m not wearing my ring because it’s irritated,” Julie said.

The burn didn’t stop Julie from wanting to continue using the No No. She said she’s excited by the progress she’s seen.

So, does it really do that?

“I think it does really do that, it just takes time and effort and energy and persistence and really wanting to do it,” Julie said.

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