PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Many of us will be inviting family and friends over for the holidays, and that can have you looking at your furniture in a different way.

Do you have a chair or couch that could use a boost?

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Furniture Fix claims it’s just what you need to breathe some new life into that much-loved furniture. But does it really do that?

“I love this couch, so I hope I can keep it for years, I really do,” says Marissa Park.

She remembers the good old days with her beloved couch.

“I loved this couch when I first bought it,” says Marissa. “When I sat on it I just felt so high up. I used to be able to lay back, and I feel now like it’s swallowing me up, and I feel like I’m slouching. My couch definitely needs a boost.

In its defense, the couch has held up to a lot of use.

“I have three boys, that’s all I have to say,” Marissa says. “I always have a house full of boys and they’re always sitting on the couch. It’s taken a beating over the years.”

She’s heard about Furniture Fix, and has been wondering if she should buy it.

It looks so easy, it makes you wonder how it could work – plastic interlocking pieces that you can adjust to fit under your cushion to provide an instant lift.

You get six panels in one kit, and we found that they do line up and slide together pretty easily.

The instructions warn about sharp edges, and we noticed those, too. You’ll have to be a little careful while you’re piecing the plastic boards together.

One set is enough to cover a chair, or one section of a couch. You’d need to buy more sets to take care of a larger area.

To install, you simply place the Furniture Fix panels under the cushion of the area you want to lift, and slide to adjust for even coverage.

“That makes sense so you have some in the back, some support, and some in the front,” said Marissa.

We noticed a difference right away.

“Wow! At least an inch above the other pillow, over an inch,” said Marissa.

But would it feel any different?

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“I do feel a little different. I do,” says Marissa. “I don’t feel like I’m sinking, whereas before it was like I felt like my body was sinking, but now I feel more upright, like I was when I first got it.”

For Marissa to sit on it and feel difference is one thing, for one of her strong sons, is another.

Rashad is a member of the Central Catholic Vikings football team. He brings a big presence on the defensive line, and in his house.

KDKA’s Jennifer Antkowiak: “How big are you?”

Rashad: “Uh, six-foot-five, 245 [pounds].

Antkowiak: “Oh my goodness!”

We take Furniture Fix out and let him sit on the couch as he’s used to it. Honestly, Rashad kind of likes sinking into it to watch a game. But his mom says even for him, it’s not all good.

“I see him sometimes, and I’ll hear him, you know, he makes the noise and it’s harder for him to get up,” says Marissa.

So let’s see, does Rashad feel a difference and will Furniture Fix hold up to him?

It’s a resounding, yes and yes.

“Wow. He doesn’t sink as low,” says Marissa.

Antkowiak: “How does it feel?

Rashad: “A lot firmer.”

Success for as seen on TV products is pretty rare, but for Furniture Fix, does it really do that?

Marissa is impressed.

“I give it two thumbs up,” she says.

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