By: Joe Kapp

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PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan)- There are multiple reports around the league that the Pittsburgh Steelers could be the front runners to sign corner back Joe Haden.

Haden was released today by the Cleveland Browns after they were unable to make a trade for him.

Dustin Fox, the afternoon co-host from our sister station 92-3 The Fan in Cleveland, joined Cook and Poni to pump the brakes a bit on desires to sign Haden.

“He is a serviceable guy,” Fox said. “The name is bigger than his production.”

Fox said Haden no longer has the explosion that he once had because of the injuries sustained last year to his groin, which prompted surgery.

“He can still play a little bit,” Fox said. “He is not a top corner, but he could come in and start for somebody though.”

Fox added that Haden’s production this camp has been bad and that, combined with missing most of the past two seasons, led the Browns to think that they had a better chance to win with the younger corners on their roster.

He also talked about the decision for the Browns to name DeShone Kizer the starting quarterback against the Steelers in the season opener.

Did he earn it, or was it given to him?

“He earned it,” Fox said. “But, that is not saying a lot because the guys he is competing with didn’t give him a lot of competition.”

Fox did add that Kizer fits the mold of an AFC North quarterback and he is wise beyond his years. However, he will be the youngest starting quarterback in the league this year.

That is a risk the Browns are willing to take.

“He could be the future franchise quarterback,” Fox said. “And they don’t want him to sit on the sidelines. They want to see what they have.”