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CLAIRTON, Pa. (KDKA) — A dog found in Glassport in terrible condition, with her ribs showing, has a new lease on life Sunday.

The emaciated 2- to 3-year-old pit bull mix was rescued last Thursday from a house in Glassport. It was not the owner’s home.

When she was found, she could barely hold her head up or walk by herself.

The dog is now on a special diet, being fed every two hours, with prescription dog food. The staff at Who Rescued Who Humane Society wants to make certain she can put on weight and regain her strength.

“She eats prescription food which is very high in calories and high in protein,” Pamela Amicarella, President of Who Rescued Who Humane Society, said. “She’s holding all of her food down. She’s actually doing very good in that regard.”

Who Rescued Who volunteer Rachel Oeler takes the dog on short walks regularly, but she’s careful.

“She is now walking on her own,” Amicarella said. “We do use a harness to walk her around, so she’s not overexerting herself.”

The underweight dog weighed only about 40 pounds when she was found last week.

who rescued who humane society dog Emaciated Dog Showing Signs Of Improvement At Clairton Shelter

(Photo Credit: Ralph Iannotti/KDKA)

No charges have been filed in the case, but the investigation is ongoing.

“Charges will not be filed until [the humane officer] has completed her investigation, and she’s secure in the fact that she’s charging the appropriate people with the appropriate charges,” Amicarella said.

It’ll likely be a long road to recovery for the dog, but, by the looks of things, the spirit of this porch has not been broken.

The shelter hopes to put her up for adoption once she is back in good health.

More information on the dog’s recovery can be found on the Who Rescued Who Humane Society Facebook page:

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