By Julie Grant

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The man at the center of what police are calling “the largest gun seizure ever in Allegheny County” went before a judge Monday.

His lawyer said there’s a reason he had so many weapons.

Of the 568 firearms confiscated from Gary Guyaux‘s home, only 15 of them are what is at issue in this criminal case. The case began with a civil court order to law enforcement on June 30, 2017 to seize all the firearms in Guyaux’s home on Noblestown Road. It took three days to do so in early July.

After examining them, police allege 15 are prohibited offensive weapons and four of those were also reported stolen from Bucky’s Gun Shop back in 1991.

firearms seized Man At Center Of Allegheny Co.s Largest Gun Seizure Appears Before Judge

(Photo Credit: Lori Sperling/KDKA)

At the preliminary hearing, Guyaux’s attorney told the court his client was a federally licensed firearms dealer for many years and only recently gave it up when he was incarcerated on another case. He argued there is a legal exception for licensed dealers to have prohibited offensive weapons.

However, the Assistant District Attorney said in order for Guyaux to avail himself of that exception he would have to provide evidence that he was in compliance with the Federal Firearms Act. He also said the District Attorney’s Office requested Guyaux sign a waiver to allow them to review all his transaction information from the ATF and he refused.

All charges were held for court. Guyaux stopped to speak with reporters as he was being led out of the building.

“There is a long history between North Fayette Township and me,” he said. “They had trials in federal court where they were found guilty.”

He stopped talking about details after his attorney and his sister discouraged him, only saying, “Just keep watching and see what happens. And thank you.” Before getting into the constable’s car, he said, “And I’m not crazy either.”

Guyaux is currently serving a sentence of 18 to 36 months for another case. His next court date on this case is November 20, 2017.