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RURAL VALLEY (KDKA) — A Vietnam veteran was touched when he found a note on his windshield thanking him for his service, and he was determined to find the woman who left it.

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The veteran and the woman who said thank you finally met Thursday at the Vietnam War memorial in Rural Valley, Armstrong County.

This story and the making of this meeting began back in August. That’s when Mike Koma found a note on the windshield of his pick-up truck in the Walmart parking lot in Indiana.

It read: “Dear Vietnam veteran, thank you so much for your service in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. You sir are a hero in my eyes. Sincerely, Cindy Twigg.”

“I got that thing off my windshield and read it, and I just started bawling,” Koma said.

Mike and his wife, Mary, were bound and determined to find Cindy Twigg. They went to the phone book and social media to make it happen. They met at a special place in Rural Valley — a war memorial that Mike and his wife helped make possible.

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Cindy Twigg and Mike Koma (Photo Credit: Brenda Waters)

“I never thought I would make it home,” Koma said. “The stuff that I saw in 12 months, my god.”

Cindy can identify with that. She lost her boyfriend after he served in the Vietnam War.

“[My significant other for many years] died from Agent Orange complications from the war, but not in the war,” Twigg said.

Cindy says because of her loss she has been leaving notes of appreciation for about five years, and she always makes it personal based on information she sees on the veteran’s vehicle. She writes two to three cards a week. Before Mike, only one other person had reached out.

“I’m sure everyone that got one felt the same way that I did,” he told Cindy.

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“I just couldn’t wait to meet her,” Koma said. “That was the nicest thing anybody ever did for me since I came home from Vietnam.”